Good people are the core of any good business, and that's true even more of consulting. At Farsight, we pride ourselves on having a skilled, motivated, and professional team. (Does that describe you? We're always looking to add quality people...)

T.J. Crowder

Founder, Senior Consultant

T.J. has 25 years of professional experience as a software engineer working with a wide variety of technologies. He leads two areas of our practice: Document Management, Workflow, and BPM services using Process360, and web applications services. In addition to designing systems and writing software, T.J. also has years of experience doing technical trainings in his specialist areas, such as advanced JavaScript, helping clients build their own teams' skills as well as directly contributing to projects.

Jock Murphy - Senior Consultant

Jock's been a professional software engineer for over 25 years. He leads our iOS and Android practice and works with T.J. in the web and BPM areas as well. His broad experience, ranging from embedded devices to massive client/server systems, means that nearly regardless what your project entails, Jock's probably worked on something similar and can provide the benefit of that experience.

Petr "PePa" Pavel - Senior Consultant

Petr is a highly-experienced web site and web application engineer who works with us in our web applications services practice. Petr's strong with the usual web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, image design and optimization), and on the server side he's especially at home with the Nette framework.

Ammar Abu-Yasein - Associate Consultant

Ammar is a software engineer whose background is primarily in C#, JavaScript, and web technologies. A key member of our team, he's primarily involved in internal soon-to-be-announced projects, and also contributes to our web applications services practice.

Boris Savic - Associate Consultant

Boris is a web devloper and designer whose background is primarily in PHP, SQL, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and various other web technologies. He's particularly adept with the Yii framework, and perfectly at home with jQuery, Angular1, Angular2, and other client-side frameworks and libraries. He works primarily in our web applications services practice.

Wendy Boman - Junior Consultant

Wendy is our latest up-and-comer, an example of our desire to invest in people. She's currently training to join our web applications services practice, where her excellent design skills will improve our offerings there.

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